Strength for the Journey--Bible Study


    Bible Study Pastor Eric C. Carson

                            Rev. Eric C Carson,  Senior    Pastor 

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     New Series                                              New Series                                            New Series

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                                                                                  Kingdom Disciples Series
                                                                                                   Part 1
    The Plan
    Matthew 28:16-20
    Disciple---a person who has decided that following Jesus Christ takes precedence over everything else.  Mark 8:34-36
    Kingdom Disciple---can be defined as a believer in Christ who takes part in the spiritual developmental process of progressively learning to live all of life in submission to Jesus Christ.
    The Goal:
    The goal of discipleship is conformity to the Savior, being transformed into the image or likeness of Christ (Romans 8:29; 2 Corinthians 3:17-18) in our character, conduct, attitudes and actions.  Discipleship also results in the exercise of His authority through us in the world.
    Jesus’ Plan For Making Disciples
    1. Go to People:  
    • Evangelism.
      • Disciples can’t be made out of unrepentant sinners.  They must repent and they can only do so when they hear, understand, and respond to the gospel.
    1. Help People Identify with Christ:
    • Baptism.
      • Jesus said that another part of making disciples is baptizing those to who have accepted Christ Romans 6:3-4. When we put our trust in Christ, we become so completely identified with Him that His death and resurrection to new life becomes our death and resurrection.
    1. Teach People Biblical Truth:
    • Teach.
      • The goal of biblical teaching is to combine information and knowledge with skill in applying the truth to daily life Mark 8:14-21.
                                                                           Bible Study
                                                              Kingdom Disciples Series Prt 2
                                                                      The Centerpiece
                                                                            Matthew 6:33

    Kingdom—rule or authority
    Kingdom disciple—is to learn to comprehensively submit yourself to the rule of God in every area of your life.  It is the pursuit and prioritization of the kingdom that is the chief concern of discipleship.
    Centerpiece—a focus of attention.
    What Is The Centerpiece of Kingdom Living?
    1. Seeking God First.            Matt. 6:33
      • By Honoring God
      • By Trusting God
      • By Living for God
    1. Knowing the Antidote for worrying.    Matt 6:25-34
      • Believing what God has Promised
      • knowing the location of God
      • Placing God first place of the area of worry
    1. Surrendering and Living Committed    Romans 12:1-2
      • By making kingdom living a priority
      • By surrendering our lives
      • To live in total commitment
    Surrender is about committing
    all your energy, emotion, thoughts, and actions toward Him.
                                                                                     Bible Study
                                                                      Kingdom Disciples Series Prt 3
                                                                          The Cost of Commitment
                                                                                 Luke 9:51-62
    Agape—is compassionately and righteously pursuing the well-being of another. It is placing someone else’s needs and advancement higher than they may even set them for themselves, and certainly higher than you set your own. It doesn’t have anything to do with liking someone.  In fact, up can love people you don’t even like because love is an intentional choice to do good for another.  Love is an action and a commitment.  It includes a desire for the other person to be better off simply because you are in their life and bringing the will of God to bear in their life.
    Four Cost Associated with Kingdom Discipleship
    1.  Christ Becomes Number One    Luke 14:25-26
    1. Becomes supreme
    2. By trusting
    3. By commitment
    2.  You Must Carry the Cross   Luke 14:27
    1. By being on display as a Christian
    2. By denying one’s self
    3. By dieing to self agenda
    3.  You Must Give Up Your Claims     Luke 14:28-32
    1. Evaluate the cost
    2. Determine what may be hindering you from being Christ’s disciple
    3. You must know that there’s a war going on
    4.  You Must Fulfill the Command of Love     John 13:34-35
    1. Through words and action
    2. Through social media
    3. Through affection, warmth and affirmation to family
    4. Through prayers for others more than yourself
    5. Through attendance of worship
    Love came in the shape of a cross.  To do less than taking up His cross is to forfeit your duty as disciple and fail to properly function as the kingdom representatives He has redeemed  us to be .