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A Week of Prayer and Fasting

December 30, 2018

                                        Time of Prayer and Fasting
                                                               January  7 through 11
                                                                       6AM -6PM
P r a y er    G u d e l i n e s

Monday 7   Pray for:
Personal Renewal       Forgiveness     Spiritual Direction   Job Concerns      Freedom from Fear 

Tuesday 8, Pray for:

Families         Marriages            Single Parents                     Children                 Conflict in the Home

Wednesday, 9 Pray for:
Pastor            Church Leadership    Church Family      Spiritual Maturity    Conflict in the Church

Thursday, 10 Pray  for
The Nation       State of Ohio    City of Chillicothe              Ross County           Neighborhoods

Friday January 11 Pray for:
Chillicothe City Schools    School Administrators      Students                  God's Protection for all 
                                                Increase in  Knowledge
In Addition to the preceding , pray daily for the following:
Victory of  Financial Hardships

Power over Depression

Delivery from habits, addictions, and other Strong Holds

Spiritual and Physical Healing

Spiritual Commitment