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Welcome to the website of the Historic First Baptist Church of Chillicothe, Ohio: “The Church Where People Matter.” We are excited that you have taken the time to visit our site. Our goal is to ensure that this site serves as an effective vehicle of inspiration, communication and education. We solicit your prayers as we continue to add content to our site. As such, we welcome your feedback about your experiences with us and how we can enhance the quality of those experiences.

Above all, know that the family of First Baptist is here to serve you! We seek to glorify God and edify humanity through Christ centered  ministry. Please use this website as you prayerfully seek information about our Lord, our church family and our ministries. We invite you to come and experience First Baptist Church.


Church News

Greg Obi Receives PHD.

Greg Obi, who teaches at Ohio University-Chillicothe, received his PHD in Media Administration, on September 23, from Indiana Tech, in Fort Wayne, . Congratulations Dr. Greg  Obi. Pastor Carson Witnessed this ceremony.

CALLING ALL MEMBERS- It's time to Update the Church Directory

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Sis. Marge Keel in the loss of her sister, Nancy Thomas. Sister Maria Hoosier in the loss of her brother, Earl Hoosier.